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All Canadian football officials who are members of the CFOA/ACOF may obtain a personal account with which to access the Member-only area of this site . If you would like to request access, please email the following information...

  • Your first and last name.
  • The name of your FOA.
to... accounts @  

Rule interpretations for 2018 from rules interpreter Walter Berry

Will post rule questions submitted to Walter .

cfoa 2018 conference presentations

Be a game changer by Al McColman

Be a game changer by Jake Ireland

Guardians of the Game  by Carey Anderson, Murray Drinkwalter and Walter Berry

2018 rule changes and saftey rule implementations 2018 electronic rule book available

rule changes for 2018 are posted here and will appear in the new rule book

Safety rules are posted  these rules cannot be altered by leagues



members proceed to member Menu on right and click on the rulebook and Casebook to have access to the elctronic version of the 2018 Rulebook

Introducing the CFOA Facebook page

The CFOA has created a Facebook page to inform individuals of it activities ,success of its members,passing of long time membersand other items of importance.

Link )



Job Posting from the OUA

Ontario University Athletics (OUA) is currently seeking a Referee-in-Chief.  See the attached job posting for further details on the position.

Posters:Six types of Holding,Offensive Pass Interference, Defensive Pass Interference



Courtsey of Rob Christian  2 additional posters have been added for Pass interefence and the holding poster has been fine tuned Attached is a poster that describes six types of holding. These types are now being used at the University and Junior levels when reporting holding to the Referee and explaining what a player was doing to coaches


2017 Rule book changes announced

Amateur Tackle Rule Book Changes for 2017

by footballcanada · April 11, 2017

A number of changes, clarifications and corrections were approved to the Canadian Amateur Tackle Football Rule Book. The changes are for immediate distribution and implementation. They will be added to the next printed edition of the rule book in May 2018.

The changes include:

First and Ten Apri 2017

The third issue of the refreshed First and Ten has been sent out to all FOAs  It is placed here as well.


Information from your FOA is requested . Please forward to your Provincial representative

Former CFOA President passes on

Michael Groleau past away  this week .Michael was very active in football officiating in Canada and his home province of Ontario . Michael was recognized for all his efforts as the  recipient of the Tom Cheney Award in 2014. More details will be provided in the July First and Ten

All the football officiating joins in giving our condolences to  the Groleau family.

Other CFOA members recently leaving our officiating family include two 2016 Tom Cheney Nominees

Ken Picot (Saskatchewan) recipient of the 2016 Tom Cheney award

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