Why Should You Consider Rezum Therapy?

Frequent urination, urgency, a reduced stream, and straining are all signs of an enlarged prostate. Even though many patients are prescribed medications to treat these symptoms, many of these individuals report experiencing unpleasant side effects from their prescriptions, or the treatments are simply ineffective. For those who find themselves in this scenario, the Rezum treatment may be a great choice.

What is Rezum?

What is latest treatment for enlarged prostate? The information provided here can help you find answers.


Obstructive tissues that contribute to BPH are addressed using steam procedure for prostate. Urologists put a tiny device into the urethra. In this device’s inductive coil, sterile water is heated to a temperature high enough to release thermal energy that has been stored in the form of vapor. A very tiny needle is then inserted via the urethra into the prostate tissue, where water vapor is supplied directly to the enlarging prostate tissue.


When the vapor comes into touch with the tissue, it condenses and turns into a liquid, releasing the heat energy trapped inside the vapor. As a result of the discharge of heat energy directly against the walls of the tissue cells inside the treatment zone, cell death occurs instantly. It takes some time for the dead tissue to be absorbed by the body’s immune system. The decrease in hyperplastic tissue volume allows for less constriction of the urethra, which allows for increased urine flow.


The procedure, which requires just a local anesthetic, may be completed in less than half an hour. Outpatient surgery is performed in your urologist’s office. The method does not need the use of general anesthesia, unlike laser surgery or transurethral resection. The best BPH treatment in Ontario can help you to get your life back in no time.


For males who have urinary outflow blockage caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia of the central zone and/or a median lobe, the procedure known as Rezum can be done to relieve their symptoms. It might be prescribed to men who have chronic medical issues and are of advanced age as an alternative to other more invasive BPH operations.


As a result, if you are interested in Rezum therapy, your doctor will work with you to evaluate whether it is a good choice for you. Your doctor will do this by assessing your symptoms, general health history, and treatment objectives. When drugs and other nonsurgical treatments are ineffective in alleviating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, the usage of Rezum may have a substantial influence on your overall health and well-being.