What are the Steps to Extend the Shelf Life of Cannabis?

Anyone interested in high-quality cannabis should spend some time studying the best ways to keep their stash fresh and edible. Those who feel that keeping cannabis in a baggie, pouch, or tin is the best solution should reconsider their position. When stored in the appropriate conditions, the potency of your cannabis may last for up to two years if properly cared for.


Keeping  and Storing Cannabis

Examine the most critical factors you should be aware of to care for your cannabis collection properly.


No Light

Because light emits radiation, it can be a threat, which is why it is regarded as hazardous. It would be beneficial if you could keep your gift away from direct sunshine whenever possible. Keep your cannabis in a darkroom or in an opaque storage container that does not allow light to pass through it to do this. The fact that items are kept dark helps keep THC levels consistent, but there are other factors to consider that may lead to the best long-term storage conditions for cannabis. Need fresh stocks of weed? Click here.

Enough Oxygen

Check the oxygen levels of the marijuana after it has been dried and cured regularly to guarantee the quality of your stockpile. If the amount of oxygen in the air is too high, cannabinoids may deteriorate more rapidly. On the other hand, insufficient air may be detrimental since it might influence the relative humidity in your storage container. The use of an airtight container is the next best choice for the vast majority of people.

Maintain Humidity

It will assist you in preventing the growth of mold or mildew in a moist environment. Low humidity may cause brittle trichomes, which might result in the loss of essential oils from your buds. Keep cannabis away from highly humid areas, such as the bathroom or on top of a heater to help regulate humidity. Alternatively, you may buy small and low-cost humidity control kits. It is their job to maintain the humidity levels in your storage container. When it comes time to replace the packets, the color of the packets will change.

Storage Material

This is a critical decision since the storage container you choose will impact your ability to manage light, oxygen, and humidity. Plastic containers and bags should not be used since they encourage excessive perspiration and moisture production. Containers made of glass or ceramic with an airtight seal keep items dry and cool. If at all possible, use opaque glass to keep the light out. Are you looking for high-quality weed? Get your stock from a weed delivery service in St Catharines today.


Finally, after you’ve determined the best concealing spot for your stash, make sure you don’t contaminate it. Lighters, pipes, and other accessories may absorb the scents from your cannabis, changing the entire taste. To keep flavor contamination to a minimum, just one strain should be kept in a jar at a time. To get the most out of a strain known for producing a mellow, soothing high, you should consume it within 24 hours after purchasing it. Following these fundamental criteria should enable you to keep going for many months.