Top 3 Contributing Factors of Erectile Dysfunction

A great deal of men intend to evoke an image of masculinity and dominance, but there is a problem that a substantial number of men have; erectile dysfunction. We look at sex as a normal act and take it for granted. Individuals have been havingĀ  sex for a long time, and losing the capability to perform entails a considerable issue.

Erectile dysfunction can bring about a lot of embarrassing moments for a man. The confidence of an individual can be tarnished and could be irreversible. Being able to function properly is something that is very important for men. Having the ability to deal with whatever is hindering that from occurring is an essential element to think about.

Common Issues That a Person May Encounter

Erectile dysfunction can be triggered by a great deal of factors. It is not simply the lack of stimulation; it is a lot more complicated than that. The factors that may lead to erectile dysfunction may be related to our lifestyle and what it brings.

Being able to recognize the factors that affect or trigger these concerns can provide us a considerable benefit. This understanding of an issue can motivate us to look for professional help from a New York sex therapist where we can express carefully what we are going through. Getting therapy for erectile dysfunction helps us to regain our function and self-confidence. If you are interested to know what factors impact erectile performance, here are some items that you need to recognize;


Most of us are familiar with and acknowledge that stress is a common issue among everyone. Stress may be from work or school, and experiencing these situations can have unfavorable effects on us. Stress is a common factor in erectile dysfunction cases. Stress can keep our focus away from what we must be doing and hinder our capability of performing. People have various reactions to stress factors, and erectile dysfunction could be our body’s way of reacting to it. You can also enroll in couples therapy in New York city to help with your condition.

Health Condition

Health conditions are physical reasons for erectile dysfunction. These ailments may physically hinder our body from performing normally even if we try. Some illness that may affect a man’s erection includes; a heart condition, clogged blood vessels or atherosclerosis, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, obesity, metabolic syndrome, high insulin levels, and also Parkinson’s disease. These problems are linked to our lifestyle, and modifying our activities might help, but getting an expert to help may be the best way to progress.


A factor that has prevailed amongst individuals that experience erectile dysfunction is fear or porn addiction. These people have a fear that they will not have the ability to perform for their partner. They feel this fear that they may disappoint and get worried so much that it hinders their performance. You can consult with a sex therapist about this fear or for pornography addiction therapy.


Erectile dysfunction is experienced by a lot of men. This issue has a lot of factors that add to the development of this condition– being able to recognize the factors that activate erectile dysfunction gives us the advantage to have this issue resolved. Getting expert help from sex therapists may be the only way to resolve this issue.