2016 Rule Calrification from Football Canada Rule book editor and rules interpreter

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 see attached

Set 1 May 30  Blocking below the knee, signals for BBK and BBW,blindside block 5yd no yards

Set 2 June 22   Grill type  facemask NOCSAE stamp, prescriiption glasses, No yards       

                            bouncing ball, blocking

Ken Picot postumously awarded the 2016 Tom Cheney Award

At the CFOA Conference in Saskatoon thsi May long weekend , the tomCheney Award in recognition of contribution to the development of amateur officiating in Canada was awarded to Ken Picot . Please see attached (more to come)

CFL Prospect Offical look -fors

The Canadian Football League’s officiating department has been working closely with its partnering provincial or local football officiating associations and elite level leagues (C.I.S., C.J.F.L., etc.) with the overarching aim of assisting with the development and recruitment of elite level officials. Prospect officials for the CFL must meet stringent expectations prior to becoming part of the on-field staff.  See attachement

CFL Officiating Recruitment model

CFL Officiating Recruitment Model

Dave Hutton   CFL| Officiating Department - Coordinator of Recruitment, Training and Development 

The Canadian Football League’s officiating department has developed a process to assist with the evaluation, training and recruitment of young officials who may be candidates for position on our staff.

First and Ten June 2016 issue now available

Conference review   find out about REFRESH and how to oabserveres should communicate with crews  and more


Football Canada Official Certification goes on Line for FCOCP Level 1

For individuals desiring to join the tackle football officiating family , the opportunity to take the level one theory  at your convience 24/7 all year round now exists

Read the details attached.

Upon completion take your print out of the completed test to your local FOA complete the onfield training session and your officiating career can get underway

Bird cage facemask ruled illegal


NOTE:  the guiding principle is the rule change for 2016 , the facemask must have the NOCASE approval  stamped on the facemask

2015 Rule Changes

attached are Rule changes for 2015 in power point form and rule changes with explanation in word form

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