Moving to a Retirement Community: Your Preparation Checklist To Help Your Elderly Loved One

Moving is complicated no matter how old you are. Aside from the rollercoaster of emotions, you need to sort through your closet, pack your stuff, and clean whatever is left, which can be all mentally and physically tiring. Though a new journey sounds exciting, the adjustment could be harder to process, especially for older adults.

If you are currently planning for your senior loved one’s move to a senior assisted living community, like Reata Glen, ask these two things to yourself. Start with “How much money can we afford?” and end with, “What kind and level of care do they need? Make sure to discuss these with your other family members before looking for the right facility.

Once you choose what you believe is ideal, the next action is to help them prepare for the relocation, which can be difficult. The major challenge in this phase is probably adjusting to living with different individuals and the new surroundings. The following are six helpful tips to assist you and your loved ones cope up with this transition:

Research the Best Practices for Downsizing

Look around your house and see what they need to bring and what not. By now, you have most likely visited the retirement community, so you would know if there’s much room for your loved one’s belongings. You may also search for helpful insights online or ask family and friends who can advise you about the best practices in scaling down.

Recreate a Familiar Surrounding

The sooner they manage making the retirement home their new home, the quicker they will go through the adjustment period. This can happen by making it a home away from home. While it may be tempting to sell their old items and shop for new ones for a fresh start, this may be harder for them to work out.

It’s essential that the household valuables they cherish the most will have a place in their new residence. Also, organize and decorate their room the way they prefer.

Get Involved

Before the special day, you can ask your loved one to join activities and other events in the retirement community you selected. If possible, ask the management if they can visit some days and get to know other people. This helps relieve their anxiety when the moving day arrives.

That’s why choosing the right retirement home is essential. You want a facility with personnel that is helpful when needed. It would also be better to choose one that’s near your area so visitations will be easy. To narrow your search, go online and search “senior living in Mission Viejo” if, for instance, you’re from the area.

Make a Schedule on Family Visits

After their relocation, you may be tempted to visit regularly. However, this may be a bad idea because you keep them from getting involved and making friends. On the other hand, you don’t want them to feel abandoned, especially during their adjustment.

It’s always best to establish a consistent schedule when family and friends can visit. This helps encourage them to participate in new activities and socialize even more within the community. At the same time, you are making sure there is a stable stream of visitors.

Consider Preparing a Welcome Party

A welcome party can be an excellent way to help your loved one conquer this transition, wherein they can invite their fellow residents. This can even give them something to look forward to and an opportunity to show their new home. You can talk to the dining staff and ask if they can help prepare food.

Expect and Get Ready For Emotional Times

After all your efforts, there will be some issues along the way. There are days when they become emotional that may cause problems and stress on your part. But always remember to remind yourself and your loved one that this is a normal part of the transition and that everything will be alright in the coming days.