Heating and Cooling Systems: What Are the Different Kinds?

If you understand how they work, you will be better positioned to make an informed choice about the heating and cooling systems to put in your home. You’ll need to do some studying to figure out which system is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective for your particular home design demands. Aside from that, you’ll need the essential heating and cooling equipment to keep yourself comfortable, depending on the climate conditions in your location.

Different Types of HVAC Systems

Despite being out of sight in our daily lives, our homes’ heating and cooling systems are essential to their comfort and safety. Alternatively, you may want to look at our simple guide to the foundations of heating and cooling.

Gravity System

The gravity furnace system circulates hot air from a heater located on the ground level or in the basement of a home or apartment. It uses a network of ducts and pipes to transmit heat and cold throughout the house. Hot air rises after passing through the system, cooler air descends, and the cycle repeats itself as heated air rises and returns to the furnace to be heated once more. The use of a thermostat, which central heating and cooling are often referred to as, among other things, is one way to control the functioning of the gravity furnace.


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Radiant Heating Systems 

Radiant heating systems employ various methods to generate heat, including water, electricity, and hot steam, among others. Before water can be delivered to each room via a “radiator,” it must first warm-up and circulate through tubes and pipes that have been precisely installed throughout your home. After the water has cooled, it is returned to the boiler and reheated before being used again. A window air conditioner is often used to provide cooling for smaller living areas.


There’s one more kind of radiant heating system to think about: electric radiant heating. The most prevalent sort of radiant heating system is this one. An electric radiant system in a home is often made up of electric resistance baseboards or a wire and foil system buried under the floors or ceilings and radiates heat throughout the building.


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Geothermal System

This technology is often encountered in residential constructions, especially apartments because it can distribute heated and cool air through a ducted air system. A geothermal heating and cooling system, also known as a “heat pump,” is a type of heating and cooling system that uses heat stored in the soil to heat and cool a building or business. 


Drainage is handled through a tubing system that has been built throughout the yard. Because the soil temperature is cooler than the air temperature while it’s hot outside, a heat pump may assist in cooling your home by exchanging the warmer house temperature for the cooler ground temperature throughout the summer. When it’s cold outside in the winter, the ground temperature is much higher than the lower air temperature, enabling heating systems to use the ground temperature to heat the house and transfer heat throughout the building.

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