Official release of 2016 Rule Changes

OTTAWA, ON (April 21, 2016) - The Football Canada Tackle Rules Committee has adapted a number of changes, clarifications and corrections approved to the Canadian Amateur Tackle Football Rule Book. The changes are for immediate distribution and implementation. They will be added to the next printed edition of the Rule Book due inMay 2016.

The changes include:
  • It is recommended that teams dress a minimum of 24 players to start a 12-a-side tackle football game
  • Clarification to the permitted facemask rule
    • Only NOCSAE approved facemasks are now permitted
    • Facemasks that meet NOCSAE certification standards are stamped with a "meets NOCSAE standard" seal
  • Blocking below the waist rule has been modified to reflect blocking below or at the knee to improve player safety
  • Running time will now be used when the difference in score between two teams becomes 35 or more points, at any time, after the first half