8 Different Ways to Smoke Cannabis

The delivery mechanism is the second most important aspect to consider when it comes to cannabis consumption, after the flower itself. Aside from the typical joint or bong, there are various techniques of smoking marijuana to discover, as well as an entire world of diversity. Even if you think you’ve done everything, there’s a strong chance that something on this list will catch you off guard.

Weed Vessels

We scoured the internet and our personal encounters to find the oddest, most enjoyable, and most effective marijuana-smoking ways.


A blunt is a much larger form of a joint. Blunts are an excellent way to cram in a large amount of cannabis for your smoking pleasure. They are rolled with a couple of extra traditional rolling papers or blunt papers that are larger and sturdier and the best ones can come from an Edmonton dispensary


Bongs, also known as water pipes, are large pipes containing a water chamber that chills smoke before it reaches your lungs. Bongs are said to offer a more buttery, smooth smoking experience, emphasizing the natural terpene profile. Bongs, often made of glass, aren’t the most portable smoking devices, but they can make a charming addition to your coffee table.


A bowl is a pipe component that stores marijuana, hash, or other combustible compounds. The bowl is a particular bowl-shaped design for water pipes such as bongs and is frequently found at the end of pipes. Mesh filters at the bottom of some bowls prevent burning plant particles from passing the pipe and into the lungs. For the best load for your bowl, check the “our page” section of this dispensary. 

Gravity Bong

A gravity bong, like a beer bong, is designed to force smoke into your lungs. A gravity bong works by immersing a smoke-filled chamber in water and forcing the smoke upward into the user’s lungs. A gravity bong hit is said to be more potent than a standard bong hit. Take precautions.


The majority of marijuana used in North America and other areas of the globe is in the shape of joints. A filter is affixed to the end of a rolling paper that contains pulverized dried bud. An adhesive strip on the rolling paper is used to smoke a joint properly. Overfilling or over rolling joints is a common blunder. Combustion necessitates the exchange of air between buds. Looking to roll a good one? Click this link.


Why not use an apple to make a pipe? The easiest choice is to use an entire apple, but portions are also okay. Make a hole halfway down the apple’s core with a pen, then another in the side, so the two holes meet. Place your dried marijuana flower on top of the apple and smoke through the side hole to smoke. The taste of marijuana is unaffected by this approach of avoiding inhaling burning rolling sheets.


A one-hitter pipe is designed to store enough marijuana for a single hit. One-hitter pipes are compact, discreet, and an excellent method to get a quick hit of marijuana without wasting half-smoked joints. A one-hitter dugout is a covert one-hitter pipe housed in a flask-shaped box for discreet marijuana consumption. 

Wooden Pipe

Glass pipes are the most prevalent, and if you’ve ever visited a weed store, you’ll see that they dominate the shelves. There are wooden pipes, and they have a massive advantage over glass or stone pipes: they are significantly more durable. Maintain as much cleanliness as feasible in wooden pipes. Wood is porous and readily absorbs odors and resin. Better-tasting smoke comes from a clean pipe.


With so many options and methods to try when smoking marijuana, it’s tough to become bored with the experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking for a fast fix, a novel experience, or simply want to be creative with your marijuana; there is a method of smoking weed that is perfect for you.